Labor export

AMDI Manpower - A supplier of high-quality human resources

Every year, Vietnam has more than 1 million people entering the working age and in the process of renovation requires businesses to rearrange their business and production, leading to a lot of redundant workers, so there is a need for more jobs. new. Therefore, the pressure on creating new and regular jobs is very intense. To solve this problem, besides the solution to create jobs in the country, labor export is one of the important strategies in the current and long-term period.


Understanding that context, AMDI Human Resources Development Joint Stock Company (AMDI Manpower) determines that sending Vietnamese people to work abroad is an important business strategy of the company, while creating jobs. for employees, both generating income for the company and benefiting the country. That means that labor export not only achieves economic goals, but also social goals. Currently, AMDI Manpower is  working with foreign partners to prepare  well- trained  human resource supply  plans to  major markets: Europe, Australia, and  Japan….

Labor export

AMDI Manpower  is a member of AMDI Group - a multi-disciplinary business group with a focus on real estate, consulting - research - training, labor export and trade. Over the years,  AMDI Group has been promoting cooperation with domestic and foreign partners in university,  college,  and high school training with advanced curriculum, modern facilities, team leading faculty  and  experts.  Therefore,  AMDI Manpower  will inherit the invaluable resources of the network of domestic and international cooperation partners of the whole system.

Labor export

Regarding facilities, AMDI Manpower has its headquarters in the campus of AMDI Group with a total area of ​​1400m2; including full halls, classrooms and function rooms invested with advanced and modern equipment for training high-quality human resources. In addition, the company also arranges  fully  self-contained rooms for students.

In terms of personnel, the managers and employees of AMDI Manpower are all capable and experienced people who have been selected and appointed to suitable positions by the company. They are all well-trained, have solid professional qualifications, have knowledge of law, economy, society and have practical experience in labor export activities. In which, many officers and employees of the company have worked and studied abroad for a long time, have good relationships with many partners and labor brokerage enterprises in many target countries.  In addition,  AMDI Manpower  is committed to adding high-quality human resources when there is more demand to provide the best service to customers.

AMDI Manpower aims to provide high-quality labor force, and is committed to providing fast, reliable, competitive service prices, suitable for many Vietnamese workers.