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Dear Clients and Partners,

Established since 2006, AMDI Group has been running multi-sector businesses focusing on Real estates, Consulting – Research – Training, Labor export, and Trade. Throughout 15 years of establishment and development, AMDI Group is known as a prestigious economic group which has fast growth rate, strategic vision and high trust gained from both local and international clients and partners. Currently, in the field of Consulting – Research – Training, AMDI Group is ranked the top local contractor by many international donors such as ADB, WB, EU…, carrying out consulting projects in the field of education, training, capacity building, agriculture, tourism, and environment both in Viet Nam and Southeast Asia region (Laos and Cambodia). In terms of Real estate, AMDI Group focuses on large scale projects, aiming at developing residential areas and resorts with open design, much of green spaces and various utilities to serve the needs for living and rest of residents as well as travelers. In addition, AMDI Group also promotes labor export and trade with promising projects via cooperation with well-known domestic and international partners.

AMDI Manpower is a member of AMDI Group. The company’s labor export license No. 1300/LDTBXH-GP was granted by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs on August 3rd, 2021. It can be affirmed that AMDI Manpower are inherited from AMDI Group’s existing resources which include a team of management staff and specialists who possess many years of experience in such labor market as Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Middle East, North Africa…, a large pool of domestic and international experts, a wide network of both international and local universities and colleges who have been cooperating with AMDI group. AMDI Manpower staff has been well trained with solid professional qualifications and practical experience in labor export area. In addition, AMDI Manpower is assigned by AMDI Group to operate and manage a new and modern Training Center with the land area over 2.2ha and floor area of approximately 40,000m2 fully equipped with high quality training facilities.

With all the information presented above, AMDI Group would like to introduce the services of AMDI Manpower to all of our dear clients, partners and potential hired labors. We would always desire and be ready to cooperate with all local and international clients and partners. We would keep trying with our utmost efforts to become a trusted link between laborers and employers for sustainable development in the future.

Nguyen Tien Duc