Study Abroad Canada


After nearly 20 years of establishment and positioning in the market, with the philosophy of "Human are the center of development", study abroad and labor settlement activities have been identified as important investment fields in the eco-system and development of AMDI Group. AMDI Human Resources Development Joint Stock Company (AMDI Manpower) was formed and operates with the mission of being a prestigious bridge bringing Vietnamese students and workers to leading learning environments; companies and businesses in developed countries.


We are confident in providing Vietnamese students studying abroad with a thoughtful, dedicated consulting route, providing useful and practical information to prepare the necessary luggage to help them quickly integrate to live and work well in an international environment not only in Canada but also in other developed countries.


With the goal of becoming a reputable and dedicated study abroad consulting unit, AMDI Manpower has built a team of experienced, professional, and well-trained consultants and document handlers from countries with diverse backgrounds and advanced education in the world such as England, Australia, Canada, Japan... Beside that, we are also constantly expanding our office system and collaborators in Canada to support students from difficulties to get on well with the new environment, and help them with other services such as accommodation, part-time jobs, long-term jobs or settlement.

The main study programs that AMDI advises include:

Foreign language course: For all international students who want to learn a foreign language before studying a major. Study time depends on the student's foreign language level, ability to absorb and the school's input requirements.

High school level 1,2,3: For students who wish to continue studying high school programs abroad. After these levels of education, students can go to work or study at College or University.

College: Study duration is from 1 to 2 years, for students who have completed grade 11 and above. After this course, students can continue studying for 1-2 more years at universities to get a bachelor's degree or go to work.

Foundation Course: The study duration is usually 1 year, for students who have completed grade 11 or higher and want to go to university but are not eligible to go directly to university, then students study for the first year of university.

Bachelor: Study duration is from 3 to 5 years, for students who have completed high school and above. After completing this program, students can go to work or study for a Master's Degree or PhD.

Post-graduate: Study duration is usually 1 year. For students who have graduated from university or college (with work experience) and want to study for a Master's degree but are not eligible to study directly for a master's degree, need to improve their specialized knowledge or switch to a new field of study. Completing this certificate, students are eligible to study for a Master's degree.

Continuing the committed goals and orientations, AMDI Manpower will always accompany and stand side by side with the young generation of Vietnam, helping them become global citizens. With many years of experience, AMDI Group owns a partner network of prestigious, high-quality schools in Canada, and associates with leading immigration law firms, providing outstanding advantages and increasing the ability to greater success for customers using our study abroad and settlement services.