AMDI Manpower - High quality human resources supplier

There are more than 1 million people of working age every year in Vietnam and the innovation process requires firms to reorganize their productions and businesses, leading to many redundant workers, creating additional employment opportunities. Therefore, the need to create new job vacancies is intense. To solve this problem, besides domestic employment supply, labour export is one of the tremendous strategies in the current and long-term period.


Understanding the situation, AMDI Manpower determines that not only labour export is an important business strategy, but also solving the problem of unemployment, generating revenue for the company and benefiting to the country. As a result, labour export helps to achieve both economic and social objectives. Currently, AMDI Manpower is collaborating with foreign partners to prepare plans to provide well-trained workers to major markets such as: European, Australian, North America and Japan, etc

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AMDI Manpower is a member of AMDI Group – a multi-industry business group with a focus on real estate, consulting-research-training, study abroad-immigration consultant and labour export, trade and services. In recent years, AMDI Group has been promoting cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, colleges and inter-level schools with advanced curricula, modern facilities, top lecturers and professional experts. Therefore, AMDI Manpower will inherit massive resources which are domestic and international cooperation partners.


Regarding facilities, AMDI Manpower is headquartered on the campus of AMDI Group with a total area of 1400m2, including halls, classrooms, functional rooms equipped with advanced and modern amenities with the purpose of training high quality human resources. In addition, fully self-contained dormitories are also arranged for students.

Regarding our staff, all AMDI Manpower’s managers and employees are qualified and be chosen in the appropriate positions. We are well-trained with professional qualifications, regulation, economics, social understandings and experience in labour export. There are a multitude number of staff who have worked and studied abroad and have good relationships with domestic and international partners. Besides, AMDI Manpower commits to add high quality human resources when there is additional demand to provide the best customer service.


AMDI Manpower aims to provide a high-quality labour source, and is committed to provide fast, reliable services, competitive service prices, suitable for Vietnamese workers.