Construction and Trade Services

AMDI Group: Bringing quality products to big real estate projects



Along with the 4.0 technology revolution, the field of auxiliary trade, construction for real estate activities is the next area where AMDI invests resources.

Strength comes from the ability to master and apply advanced techniques and technologies that AMDI Group takes advantage of and builds into advantages. v Criterion-oriented AMDI Group will always focus on customers and build different business methods, creating opportunities to develop large project chains with top quality.

Projects under the advice, supervision and management of AMDI Group are a living proof of the ability to increase labor productivity and quality of works, at the same time shorten the construction schedule and save resources. energy.

DJI_0050_3AMDI GREEN CITY project is directly constructed and supervised by AMDI GROUP with impressive progress and quality

In the not too distant future, by the right direction from the Board of Directors; With a reasonable business strategy and professional staff, AMDI Group will further promote Trading activities and Ancillary Services.