What do you see from AMDI GREEN CITY's rapid construction progress?

Covid does not hinder the progress of the project

Despite the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, the AMDI GREEN CITY project built by the investor AMDI GROUP still completed phase I ahead of schedule, while ensuring quality and legal commitments.

The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the entire economy, affecting all industries, including real estate. Many projects have to "cover mats" due to the difficulties accumulated from the distance or the increase in the price of construction materials.

It is both a challenge, but from another perspective, the Covid-19 epidemic is like a "golden test fire", in difficulties will reveal real potential investors, overcoming difficulties to continue deploying. project. AMDI GREEN CITY can be said to be a typical example.

The AMDI GREEN CITY project, invested by AMDI GROUP, was started in June 2021 with a total area of ​​​​nearly 10 hectares, located at the central arterial road of Tien Du, Bac Ninh; synchronously planned with a diversified, modern and typical utility system of "Green Architecture" that AMDI GROUP aims at.

viber_image_2021-11-02_15-29-47-727Overall perspective of AMDI GREEN CITY project. Photo: AMDI GROUP

Despite being affected by the pandemic during the construction process, the project still completed many important milestones. Up to now, all technical infrastructure items phase I AMDI GREEN CITY have been completed ahead of schedule compared with the set plan.

DJI_0354 (1)Actual photo taken at AMDI GREEN CITY project conditioning lake. Photo: AMDI GROUP

Flexible adaptability from the investor

A representative of a contractor under construction at the project said, AMDI GREEN CITY is one of the outstanding projects in the region, the Investor is very determined in bringing the project to the finish line ahead of schedule committed to the customer. , to anticipate the "Green" real estate trend towards health and comprehensive development. Therefore, right after the movement was eased, the PMU mobilized maximum force, equipment and construction machinery continuously to ensure the set schedule as well as the commitment with the Investor.

CV-4_2Green space with feng shui prosperity planning that AMDI GREEN CITY owns. Perspective photo: AMDI GROUP

Just over 5 months of implementation, the "speedy" progress of the project is always guaranteed and coupled with the commitment to quality thanks to the close coordination and supervision between the Investor and the contractor as well as other measures. flexible construction methods according to each stage of the epidemic. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tu - Deputy General Director of AMDI GROUP said: "The construction site is bustling with overtime (3 shifts) after the distance, along with compliance with epidemic prevention measures according to the 5K principle. while creating a safe green area for the construction area, while always ensuring the completion time of the work items.”

I _1Actual photo of the project: The green roads are carefully cared for by the Investor. Photo: AMDI GROUP

According to the construction plan, after completing the infrastructure phase I, phase II of the project will be deployed and completed within 9 months from January 2022 to the end of September 2022 with construction items Shophouse subdivision. AMDI GREEN CITY's "changing flesh" day by day has created an attraction for the charming feng shui land of the Quan Ho countryside.

DJI_0050_2Actual photo of the project: Welcome gate and main road at night. Photo: AMDI GROUP

Besides, from the perspective of an investor, Mr. Tuan (living in Hanoi) shared, only reputable project developers, with strong finance, bring real value to the product. Because they are the ones who build product strategies, create differentiating advantages, increase competitiveness, and help improve liquidity. And most of the projects that are guaranteed to be legally transparent and on schedule for handover as committed only come from conscientious and visionary investors.

z3041477324524_72ac8cfa376bae98e58982e35c6d983cPerspective of Shophouse AMDI GREEN CITY subdivision. Photo: AMDI GROUP

With strong financial potential and a team of experienced personnel in the real estate field, the investor AMDI GROUP has completely earned the trust and profit expectations from investors for the project. AMDI GREEN CITY.


AMDI GREEN CITY project information :

Address: Provincial road 287, Dong Son, Viet Doan, Tien Du, Bac Ninh.

Website: https://www.amdigroup.vn/amdi-green-city

Hotline: 0346.708.222

Email: bds@amdigroup.vn