Real estate

AMDI Group - Creating modern living values, friendly living environment

Currently, AMDI Group has been implementing the projects, including the AMDI Human Resource Training Center Project (Hanoi), AMDI Green City Project (Bac Ninh), and carrying out the procedures for the following projects: Thi Cam Park of about 25 hectares in Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi; Mixed-use project including residential area and resort at mineral hot springs in Thanh Thuy district, Phu Tho province… At the same time, the AMDI Group’s plans and goals for the upcoming year aim at expanding investment activities in potential real estate projects in the central and southern provinces.

With a vision to become Vietnam’s leading business of real estate, commerce combined with eco-tourism in the next 10 years, the AMDI Group has been strengthening its senior staff and financial potential to implement larger projects of the Company as well as expand business activities and services in the national market.


AMDI Group aims to become a real estate service provider in the mixed-use model of an attractive residential area combining eco-tourism and become an ideal destination for weekend picnics, or sporting events and team building events. With real estate projects, the AMDI Group will focus on designing a project model integrating a happy home into the beautiful nature, ensuring a fresh and friendly environment.


The AMDI Group's real estate projects will ensure the customers can enjoy the luxurious privileges through a generous, comfortable and upper-class life, but always experience the living space in harmony with nature. After taking possession of a property under the AMDI Group’s project, the customers will always be immersed in the green living space, feel the fresh air and slowly enjoy relaxing moments and peace in mind to start a new day full of energy. In addition, AMDI Group will offer customers with many reasonable choices of housing types, from villas, townhouses to apartments with various sizes, luxurious designs and proper investment values. The AMDI Group also focuses on building complexes of modern commercial, medical and educational services that can satisfy international standards and ensure the customers’ demands.


Moreover, by minimizing the volume of concrete, the AMDI Group’s architects pay special attention to the harmonious combination of human - water - earth; between trees, wind and water to create the harmony and reproduction of life energy. With the desire of preserving traditional values, the quintessence of Vietnam and building a living space to help people harmonize with the nature, the AMDI Group will bring a green - clean - beautiful life; a healthy, happy and advanced life so that the residents can always protect the national cultural identity but experience the world-class living facilities.