Taiwan's labor market has been regarded as one of the most potential and stable destinations of Vietnamese labor for years. In order to participate in labor export to Taiwan, the following basic requirements should be satisfied.

Basic conditions of labor export to Taiwan


The Taiwanese labor export industries usually receive workers in the 18-35 age group. However, many special industries or work experience requirements can employ workers aged up to 40 (e.g, construction, welding, mechanics, garment, etc.).

Health conditions

Health conditions are among the mandatory regulations of any foreign labor market. Before the examination, candidates are required to undergo a health check.

Generally, the health conditions for labor export to Taiwan are not as strict as that to Japan or South Korea. For labor export to Taiwan, workers who only do not suffer from life-threatening diseases or infectious diseases such as HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, etc. are eligible to participate.


Labor must satisfy basic conditions to participate in labor export to Taiwan

Appearance Condition

Labor export to Taiwan requires the following appearance conditions:

Height: over 1m60 for men; and over 1m50 for women.

Weight: over 50kg for men; and over 45kg for women.

However, there are still few orders that receive workers with different standards.

Educational level

While labor export to Japan requires workers to have a high school diploma or higher, some industries in Taiwan require only a lower secondary school diploma.

Why should you choose labor export to Taiwan?

Shortened departure period

Taiwan is one of the labor markets with the shortest departure period. If Japan needs 6-8 months of pre-departure education, then for Taiwan, it only takes about 1-2 months after recruitment and application completion.

Stable income

Recruitment process in Taiwan is uncomplicated. However, Taiwanese employers are very disciplined and quality demanding at work. Depending on the job, the average salary in Taiwan is about NT$21,000-24,000/month, followed by various favorable benefits. In addition, the employees can work overtime to increase their income.


Labor export brings many benefits to employees

Foreign language improved

Taiwan is not too strict for foreign workers. However, when you live and work in Taiwan, you will have the opportunity to learn more of this country's language. Learning Mandarin will be beneficial when you return to Vietnam and work for foreign-invested companies. You can easily apply for a job with a decent salary.

Process of exporting labor to Taiwan

Participating in labor export to Taiwan includes the following steps:

Step 1: Pre-qualification and health check

When a suitable order is selected, the employees will enter the pre-qualification round and undergo a health check. If the basic conditions are met, the next steps will be taken.

Step 2: Training before the entrance exam

After passing the pre-qualification round, you will participate in a short-term training course to be trained in skills before the test with the attendance of Taiwanese employers.

Step 3: Testing

You will be called for a face-to-face interview with a Taiwanese employer.

Step 3: Training after passing the test

After being recruited into the order, the employee will participate in the center’s training course in language, skills, etc. within the specified time.

Step 4: Departure

Once you complete the training course and the application, you can depart to Taiwan to work.