Loving Mid-Autumn Festival E-Life sent to the border region

With a total journey of more than 400 km, the volunteer group represents the staff of E-Life Group; Asian Management and Development Institute (AMDI); E-Life School Education System and students, parents, teachers and staff of E-Life Bilingual Kindergarten Tran Binh campus; Facility of City Exchange; Pink House Kindergarten; Busy Bees Kindergarten came to the students of Binh Chinh Branch, Tri Phuong Kindergarten, Tra Linh Commune, Cao Bang Province. This is a very small school branch with only one class for nearly 30 preschool students, where only the Vietnam - China border is a few kilometers away.

Nearly 12 hours of traveling with twists and turns... but that didn't make the whole group feel tired, but instead was eager and looking forward to being at school very soon and meeting the children. small here.

Welcoming the group are extremely clear, friendly and lovely eyes. The volunteer group seemed to be given an extremely strong energy source when stopping at this small school. The students have prepared mid-autumn melodies but bold in the mountains and forests, echoing and flying away forever along the slopes and winding passes of Cao Bang land, tightening the affection between people in the lowlands and the fields. border cell. Perhaps this is a very special Mid-Autumn Festival for the group and also very meaningful for the children here.

The volunteer group on behalf of E-Life Group employees, AMDI Institute, parents and students of E-Life Bilingual Kindergarten presented meaningful gifts to the children, including: 20 million cash; rice cookers, blankets, mats, foam mats and 38 gifts for the students here. In particular, the gifts prepared by E-Life students are gifts of great significance in the Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 at Binh Chinh branch.

Although it is far away, the long roads ahead become more beautiful and flatter…. by the cheerful eyes, happy smiles of the children and the warmth of the teachers of Tri Phuong Kindergarten - Binh Chinh branch gave the whole group.

Sharing always brings many miracles to life. In any situation, we can share and care for others. This is the message the school wants to send into sharing activities so that the children at E-Life are always kind, loving, and sharing with their peers who are still facing many difficulties. difficulty in life.

Sincere thanks to the companionship of the parents and students of E-Life Bilingual Kindergarten in this volunteering activity. We hope that the parents and children of E-Life will continue to accompany the school in the humanities programs in the near future.