In the context of post-Covid-19 economic recovery, the suburban real estate market is still "hot" with the launch of a series of projects attracting investors. In particular, AMDI GREEN CITY is being highly valued by experts, expected to become an ideal destination for a peaceful and healthy life of residents as well as a "Golden" destination for profitable investment.

The potential from the "golden and feng-shui wealth location" of Bac Ninh

In order to follow the trend of reducing population density and pressure on the cities, efficiently-planned satellite cities were gradually established and synchronously invested. In addition, after the pandemic, the demands for choosing residential areas have become more meticulous, emphasizing on green space, and easy connection to the city center. Therefore, choosing suburban projects with convenient transportation will be the real estate trend in the near future.     

Sharing about the reasons for investing in a project in Tien Du, Bac Ninh, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of AMDI GROUP - Investor of AMDI GREEN CITY said: "Bac Ninh is not only known as the land of "sacred land of talents" with a long-standing culture but always has great attraction for real estate projects; is the apple of businesses’ eye. This is also the only province with a roadmap to upgrade into a city under the Central Government in 2022. Accordingly, Tien Du will also be upgraded into a town according to the roadmap in the 2020–2025 period. Thus, choosing Tien Du to lay the foundation helped AMDI GREEN CITY get off to a flying start.”


Overall perspective of AMDI GREEN CITY project. Photo: AMDI GROUP

In addition, Bac Ninh is also known for its very flexible policies and mechanisms to attract and build up trust with local investors such as "2 few 3 high", "5 available", which help create favorable conditions for investors. According to Mr. Nguyen Quang Thanh, Deputy Director of Bac Ninh Department of Planning and Investment, the province has actively implemented "5 available" policy: ground, human resources, reform, support and anti-epidemic availability. Moreover, it is actively reforming administrative procedures, promoting construction progress of key projects associated with regional development; accelerating site clearance at industrial zones and clusters to make ground available for investors.


The progress of the AMDI GREEN CITY project is partly facilitated by the province's investment support policies

Possessing a strategic location, Tien Du is prioritized to invest in infrastructure development to support Bac Ninh city as the focal point of vital trade connection. AMDI GREEN CITY has also represented the link connecting the region, and the intersection of the most important road system in Tien Du district in particular and Bac Ninh province in general. The project borders Provincial Road 287 to the South, Viet Doan - Nghia Chi route to the West, only 1km from Dai Dong Thanh Bridge. Moreover, it only takes 15 minutes from AMDI GREEN CITY to enter the center of Bac Ninh city, 5 minutes through the spiritual tourist area of ​​Phat Tich Pagoda, or only 30 minutes to enter the thousand-year-old city of Hanoi.


Actual photo of the project from above, AMDI GREEN CITY stands out among the charming feng shui land. Photo: AMDI GROUP

Low-rise real estate – Sustainable and efficient investment over time

Compared to gold, savings, and stocks, real estate is the safest investment channel with the minimum profit of at 15-20% annually, especially in the semi-detached houses, villas, shophouses. According to experts, the price increase in the low-rise real estate will continue until the end of 2022 due to limited supply.

Following the market trends, as well as the rising demand for "green" real estate, AMDI GREEN CITY focuses on key real estate products including: shophouses, townhouses and villas with a total area of ​​​​nearly 10 hectares, which is an open space closely following the motto of "green life" that the AMDI GROUP is conveying.


Green space and utility systems are taken care of by the investor. Perspective photo: AMDI GROUP

With a system of diverse and synchronous utilities, embracing its own uniqueness and community connection: parks, balancing lakes, children's playground, shopping malls, schools, parking lots, community house, outdoor event stage, etc., AMDI GREEN CITY are fully capable of becoming an ideal destination for living and profitable investment.


Perspective of the AMDI MALL shopping mall. Photo: AMDI GROUP

Currently, the project completed the entire infrastructure of phase I. Accompanying with the strategic development orientation of the neighborhood, the AMDI GREEN CITY project promises to bring more profit than investors' expectations.

AMDI GREEN CITY project information:

Address: Provincial Road No.287, Dong Son, Viet Doan, Tien Du, Bac Ninh.


Hotline: 0346.708.222