Living in Japan is usually much more expensive than in Vietnam. Therefore, unless a reasonably detailed plan is available, you will lose lots of money to pay for your living expenses while studying and working in Japan. Here are some cost-saving tips for Japanese interns that you should refer to.


1. Saving on travel expenses for interns

In Japan, there are usually the two least expensive means of transportation: bicycles and buses. Hence, the best way is to buy a bicycle, especially used bicycles to reduce expenses and meet your travel needs.

The bus or train would be a better choice if you want to travel a long way or you do not want to ride a bicycle. This is one of the cheapest public transportation systems in Japan. In Japan, these vehicles are always on time and the Japanese are highly conscious when participating in traffic, thus, jostling and shoving seems unavailable. If you want to save even more money, you can buy a monthly pass for these vehicles.

first2. Smart spending planning

  1. It will be like a drop in the ocean if you do not have a proper spending plan, or even control your income and expenditure. Therefore, develop a detailed and smart plan, list the (estimated) income and the must-pay items to save money:

    – Shopping at 100-yen store 

    In Japan, there are shops selling low-cost products. You can afford anything you like with just 100 yen. Before going to the store, you should visit the website to take a look and choose what you like first.

    – Purchasing used products

    This one is also a smart shopping way in Japan. You can buy used items at affordable prices at 2nd Street or visit Recyle-Navi's website listing second-hand stores that you can take a look. Don't be afraid of the old, though being used, their quality still remains good and the price is cheap.

    – Using promotional phone network

    Currently, there are many mobile service providers offering promotional options, discounts, bonus cash for users. Therefore, you should hunt for operators providing promotional deals and discount to register, especially data promotions.

    This is one of the best and most popular ways to save money because you can save about 30% of your monthly food expenses this way and ensure food hygiene, and more importantly, you can eat whatever you want.

    Another option is you can buy food discounts at supermarkets and shopping malls, almost all of which have discounted programs to stimulate shopping. You can buy food around closing time to get a discount.

    Note: You can register for a loyalty card to earn a bonus every time you shop.

  2. 3. Home cooking

24. Seeking for a part-time job

  1. Most interns coming to Japan register for part-time jobs. This will help you to earn more income, gain more experience and improve skills. However, do not make your body overwork.

    Save positively. Besides working time, you should hang out and have fun with friends, yet the games need to be safe and have limitations.  Especially, Japan has a lot of entertainment places and programs that are free or super cheap for everyone, so you can completely sign up for these programs without spending too much.

    In addition, you can use the Internet in public places such as cafes, and schools to save phone expenses.

    Above are some ways to save money for Japanese interns that you should refer to having a reasonable spending plan. It won't be difficult if you keep everything under control.

  2. 5. Taking advantage of free activities in Japan