Bac Ninh proposed the establishment of Tu Son city

Tu Son town borders Hanoi city, is one of the two largest urban areas in Bac Ninh province, proposed to become a city directly under the province.

On March 29, the leader of Bac Ninh Provincial People's Committee said that he had submitted a report to the Provincial People's Council for consideration and approval of the policy of establishing Tu Son city. The Provincial People's Committee proposed to establish a city on the basis of the status quo of 61.08 square kilometers of natural area, with a population of over 200,000 inhabitants of Tu Son town. City headquarters inherit from existing facilities.

Tu Son People's Committee aims to mobilize nearly 1,400 billion VND in the 2021-2025 period to build infrastructure, transport and urban areas with dozens of projects across 12 wards; carry out industrialization, modernization and urbanization in the direction of technology application, building e-government; building Tu Son city with characteristics of Kinh Bac culture, modernity and sustainable development...

Bac Ninh Provincial People's Committee has just completed a survey, showing that Tu Son has met all 5 criteria to become a city: Population size over 200,000 (the regulation is 150,000 or more); there are 12/12 ward-level units, exceeding 2 units according to regulations; grade III urban area; has a structure, economic development level meets the target and people in 12 wards agree with the rate of 91-99%.

A corner of Tu Son town today.  Photo: Tuan Son

A corner of Tu Son town today. Photo: Tuan Son

Mr. Hoang Ba Huy, Chairman of Tu Son Town People's Committee, said that the establishment of Tu Son city will affect the transformation of economic structure, labor structure, create many jobs, attract labor resources. high quality, infrastructure development, urban...

Tu Son town is one of the two largest urban centers in Bac Ninh province, with 12 commune-level administrative units, including: Dong Nguyen, Dong Ky, Tan Hong, Trang Ha, Dinh Bang, Dong Ngan, Chau Khe, and Huong Mac. , Phu Chan, Phu Khe, Tam Son, Tuong Giang. The East borders on Tien Du district; West borders Dong Anh district, Hanoi city; the south borders Gia Lam district, Hanoi city; bordering Yen Phong district to the north.

Tu Son is located at the western gateway of the province, 15 km from Hanoi city center, 8 km from Bac Ninh city; located on the corridor connecting 6 urban subdivisions of Bac Ninh - Tien Du - Tu Son - Que Vo - Yen Phong - Thuan Thanh and plays the role of linking Bac Ninh urban area with Hanoi capital.

Not only has the role of connecting Bac Ninh province with the Hanoi capital region, Tu Son town is also located on a large economic corridor: Lang Son - Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh and Lao Cai - Hanoi - Hai Room - Quang Ninh through arterial traffic routes; is the bridge connecting Hanoi to the provinces via National Highway 1A, Hanoi - Dong Dang railway.

In 2020, the total state budget revenue of Tu Son town will reach VND 2,420 billion, reaching 114% of the plan; the poverty rate is 0.92%.

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