Responding to the call of the Association of Elderly and government staff of Dong Son Village, Viet Doan, Tien Du, Bac Ninh, AMDI Group donated 200 million VND to the restoration and construction of Dong Son communal house - the charming feng shui land where the AMDI Green City project is located.

The land of Dong Son, Viet Doan is favored by nature with the "leaning against mountains and facing water” position and charming natural scenery, where the Sa Son mountain range spreads and the rice fields stretch away to the horizon. This area was selected by the AMDI GROUP for the AMDI Green City project with a green, modern and synchronous masterplan.

DJI_0062Actual photo of AMDI Green City project in Viet Doan, Tien Du, Bac Ninh

In order to restore, preserve and promote traditional values, according to the wishes of the Elderly Association and local people, the board of leaders of Dong Son village decided to commence the construction and restoration of the communal house under the historical complex of "Chan Khai" pagoda on 10 February 2022 on the lunar calendar. The communal house will be a place for the community’s cultural activities, connecting traditional and modern values, and organizing cultural and spiritual events, especially restoring the custom of Tutelary god’s censer (incense burner) procession from the temple to the communal house to bring offerings on every village festival.

z3258673888373_6c8fd8cbff5b797315d1b027f28a2481On behalf of AMDI GROUP, Mr. Nguyen Van Duc - Director of AMDI Green City Project Management Unit sent the donation to Dong Son village

On this occasion, AMDI GROUP donated an amount of 200 million VND to support Dong Son people in renovating the communal house, contributing to preserving and promoting cultural traditions of our country.

During the past time, in addition to the successful implementation of business development strategies in Real Estate, Consulting - Research - Training, Labor Export, Construction and Trade – Services, contributing to the development of the national economy, AMDI GROUP has always paid attention to and effectively implemented many volunteering and charitable activities for the community.