Company (AMDI GROUP), a ceremony was organized to celebrate the International Women's Day in a joyful and intimate atmosphere.

Amdi Group

This expressed the cultural beauty of the Group, as well as the consideration and encouragement of the Board of Directors to the mental life of female staff. Especially at the AMDI GROUP, the number of female staff accounts for more than 50%, in which there are many key female officers holding the positions of Deputy General Director and leaders of Departments. They are brave, talented, charming, making great contributions to the Group's development.   

The celebration took place in a cozy and intimate atmosphere. AMDI Group’s Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Tien Duc and Vice Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung represented the Board of Directors as well as all male staff to send flowers to the female staff.

z3240726931017_66980d2382b2ae7bf53cee7bded0927dChairman and Vice Chairman of AMDI GROUP sent flowers and gifts to female employees of the Corporation

Delivering a speech at the ceremony, a representative of the Group's Board of Directors sincerely appreciated female staff’s contributions, and also sent best wishes to all of them.

z3240727013189_e8fc49b6c9ac3601c55d700e641c54adChairman of the Group, Mr. Nguyen Tien Duc delivered a congratulatory speech to female employees on March 8

The consideration of the Group's Board of Directors and male employees is a great motivation for female staff to try harder at work, deserving to be solid support in all fields of the AMDI GROUP family.

The ceremony left many impressions and more importantly, created a connection to further develop AMDI GROUP.

Some photos from the celebration:

z3240727102996_0339c70f82bdbbd1b2a6860b5df1ef9dThe Chairman gave flowers to female employees  

z3240727158718_8a4f36cfbdc13c4270f4e862aae3b028Vice Chairman Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung gave flowers to female employees

z32422124977840_9aef8eb3831c2fde5b361a32cf71abbcAMDI GROUP's office decorated to celebrate International Women's Day 8/3