AMDI GREEN CITY, with the philosophy of "Green" architecture for a healthy life, strong commercial potential, along with the outstanding advantages of transport infrastructure in the North of Hanoi is attracting investors as well as residents who desire to move to green suburban areas.

"Connected but private" planning as the highlight

Inspired by Quan Ho folk songs, AMDI GREEN CITY takes on the appearance of young male and female singers in the very flower of their youth with the clear, green color of each architectural and landscaping feature. Community space is maximized to satisfy the exchange and connection demands of residents as well as to create a space to preserve the traditional cultural features of Kinh Bac people: The internal community house, outdoor event stage, tree park, balancing lake, shopping mall, etc.

CV-4_5Air conditioning lake and green campus at the center of the project. Perspective photo: AMDI GROUP

A comfortable life welcomes residents at AMDI GREEN CITY. "Every morning, residents can jog around the lake to prepare energy for a new day. In the afternoon, they can spend time with their children, and relax in the entertainment area. At the weekend, the family gathers at the community house, enjoying the cultural space, or the feeling of home "picnic" with a vast system of tree parks”, said Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Lieu – Deputy General Director of AMDI GROUP – Investor of the project.


Green campus for relaxing moments of the whole family. Photo: AMDI GROUP

With thorough care into details, the investor hopes to create a happy community of residents at AMDI GREEN CITY, where each person can forget the worries of the outside world and immerse themselves in a fresh green space with modern landscape and utility system. It also represents a valuable property of an elite community, affirming a sophisticated lifestyle; where their parents could enjoy total relaxation and children could experience a memorable childhood, contributing to their personality and intellectual development.

DJI_0354 (1)_2Actual photo of AMDI GREEN CITY regulation lake area. Photo: AMDI GROUP

Unlocking sustainable potential at AMDI GREEN CITY

With flexible space design maximizing usability, AMDI GREEN CITY shophouses offer the opportunity to unlock sustainable profit. Possessing a facade facing the Provincial Road No.287 with a width of 53m or the crowded pedestrian street with a cross section of 22.5m, and 6-floor buildings, this will be a promising place to develop various business activities, such as food services, kindergarten, mini supermarket, convenience store, fashion shop, flower shop, home appliance store, furniture, etc. 


Perspective of AMDI GREEN CITY shophouse subdivision. Photo: AMDI GROUP

Integrating business and residence will help customers save traveling time to spend more time with work and family. This will also be the place to nurture and inherit innovative business ideas for generations.

Convenient trade thanks to the advantageous location of the region

The "golden" location is considered the highlight of AMDI GREEN CITY, which is like the "heart" of Tien Du, Bac Ninh, the intersection of the most vital roads system in Tien Du district in particular and Bac Ninh province in general. AMDI GREEN CITY represents an important link to connect the region with convenient transportation. The project borders Provincial Road 287 to the South, Viet Doan - Nghia Chi route to the West, only 1km from Dai Dong Thanh Bridge. Moreover, it only takes 15 minutes from AMDI GREEN CITY to enter the center of Bac Ninh city, 5 minutes through the spiritual tourist area of ​​Phat Tich Pagoda, or only 30 minutes to enter the thousand-year-old city of Hanoi.

viber_image_2021-11-02_15-31-16-835_1Perspective of AMDI Mall. Photo: AMDI GROUP

AMDI GREEN CITY is considered a new urban wind blowing into the countryside of Bac Ninh province, a remarkable real estate highlight when Tien Du is upgraded into town according to the Resolution of the 18th District Party Congress, 2020-2025 term.

Promoting the outstanding advantages from the "center of trade" position, along with the optimization of the value of life and business opportunities, AMDI GREEN CITY becomes the ideal choice for investors and customers who are looking for the perfect destination for their residence and profitable investment.

AMDI GREEN CITY project information :

Address: Provincial road 287, Dong Son, Viet Doan, Tien Du, Bac Ninh.



Hotline: 0346.708.222