When the spring flowers are still in full bloom throughout the streets, at the AMDI Green City construction site, officials, engineers and workers urgently implemented the construction of shophouses following the progress of phase II of the project.

During the first days of the New Year, the construction team of the AMDI Green City project cleaned the ground, collected materials, pressed piles and conducted compression pile load tests for phase II including 58 shophouses.

z3096525886811_0bb47c3c33d16a5d1d351aebff55e207Construction workers are pressing piles. Actual photo of construction at Amdi Green City

The spring rains and the freezing cold of the North could not affect the working pace and atmosphere at the construction site: dozens of machines and vehicles resounded; teams of workers urgently ensured the assigned work. Mr. Nguyen Van Duc, Director of the Project Management Unit said: “For us, labor discipline, work quality, project completion period and sense of responsibility are always the top priorities. head. Therefore, despite the impact of Covid-19 during the project implementation from July 2021 until now, the progress and quality of the AMDI Green City project has always been ensured, even exceeded the plan.”

DJI_0036_2Image of the Project Management Unit directed at the construction site

Located at Provincial Road No.287, Viet Doan, Tien Du, Bac Ninh, AMDI Green City project, whose investor is the AMDI Group, covers a total area of ​​​​nearly 10 hectares. The project has a synchronous and modern masterplan with beautiful landscape and comfortable infrastructure towards a green life for health and sustainable development: The system of tree-covered internal roads; lake, park, children's playground; outdoor stage, gymnasium, etc. Possessing a strategic location as the focal point of regional trade connections, AMDI Green City is considered a project with multi-point connection transport infrastructure: main side is adjacent to provincial road No.287 with a facade of 48.5m; The West side is adjacent to Viet Doan - Nghia road with only a cross section of 22.5m; Internal road’s main axis with a cross section of 22.5m; Internal branch road with a cross section of 15m.

CV-4_7Perspective photo of Amdi Green City project with green space

The project commenced construction from July 2021. After only 5 months, all technical infrastructure items of phase I were completed ahead of schedule, officially entering phase II from 1 January 2022 with a plan to build 58 shophouses facing Road No. 287 with 53-meter facade or the internal shopping street with a cross section of 22.5m and a 6-floor height. Phase II of the project is expected to be implemented and completed within 9 months with the strong determination of the AMDI Group as well as the Project Management Unit and all engineers and construction workers.

DJI_0060_1Actual photo of Amdi Green City shimmering at night

Mr. Nguyen Van Bang, Deputy Director of the Project Management Unit said: “Although most of the workers live far away from here, in the spirit of ensuring uninterrupted progress of the project, we always encourage ourselves, get ready to work overtime, comply with 5K epidemic prevention measures in the fierce spirit of the Project Management Unit and the Investor.”

The reputation of the investor AMDI Group is reflected by not only focusing on construction items in phase II, but also the day-by-day "vivification" of AMDI Green City with services that can improve the living experience of residents such as: More than 200-meter lantern road, giant heart-shaped flower gate to celebrate Valentine's Day and International Women's Day, Quan Ho folk song meeting every Saturday by the lake, roadside planters for residents to check-in, etc. AMDI Green City really became an ideal spring vacation destination, attracting hundreds of visitors every day during the Tet of 2022.

z3144733363758_4bdc3ea0d606335ba224639e43e82a39Actual image of the long lantern road at AMDI Green City

z3178866142640_7713e476403b84f37a53681d523ada98The image of a giant heart-shaped flower gate made from 9999 roses for Valentine's Day celebration

At AMDI Green City, each resident can enjoy the full privilege of Living - Relaxing & Doing Business with the widest green space to help improve physical and mental health, towards a sustainable quality of life. Although the project has just entered phase II, the bustling atmosphere from the visitors, check-ins at the project, the Quan Ho meetings and exciting sport activities of local people, etc. express the unique value and charm named AMDI Green City.


AMDI GREEN CITY project information:

Address: Provincial Road No. 287, Dong Son, Viet Doan, Tien Du, Bac Ninh.



Hotline: 0346.708.222