The lantern street and the decorative landscape system to welcome the Tet Holiday at the AMDI Green City project have become a check-in hot spot attracting the attention of local people.

The AMDI Green City project invested by the Amdi Group started construction in July 2021. Currently, the project completed phase I and entered phase II with the construction of the shophouses, which is expected to last 9 months from January to the end of September 2022. The investor spent all their dedication and thoroughness on the roads, the landscape, the utilities, and the quality of the project, which created AMDI Green City its own exciting and gorgeous “quality of life” even though the project is only in the early stage of phase II.

CV-4_6Perspective photo of Amdi Green City project with green space, modern architecture

AMDI Green City is located in the “trading center” of Tien Du, Bac Ninh: borders the Provincial Road No.287 to the South, the Viet Doan - Nghia Chi route to the West, and takes only 1km to Dai Dong Thanh Bridge. From AMDI Green City, it only takes 15 minutes to go to Bac Ninh city center, 5 minutes to visit the spiritual tourism area of ​​Phat Tich Pagoda, and 30 minutes to drive to Hanoi. Possessing a strategic location, AMDI Green City becomes a link to connect the region, and the intersection of the most vital roads in Tien Du district in particular and Bac Ninh province in general. 


Perspective photo of AMDI Mall


According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tu, Deputy General Director of the AMDI Group: “Whether a project’s worth living or investing in depends on its “worth living quality”, including the architectural planning, the landscape, the utility system, the construction quality, and the reputation of the investor. At AMDI Green City, we pay great attention to the quality of green space for health and sustainable development, along with the preservation and promotion of the regional culture of the project through specific utilities.”

Lanterns for Tet-02The shimmering lantern street of Amdi Green City at night. Actual photo of the project

At AMDI Green City, residents can enjoy a fresh life thanks to the tree-shaded park, balancing lake, and the green internal roads, etc. Each year, when it comes to the Tet holiday, the shimmering and colorful lantern street, the BBQ garden, and the outdoor event stage, etc become the ideal check-in points for residents as well as the local people; AMDI Mall or shophouse streets are also expected to become the promising shopping destinations.


Quan Ho Folk Song performance is held every weekend at AMDI Green City

The double lantern line stretching from the AMDI Green City welcome gate to the colorful lake is decorated with up to 2,000 lights of all kinds. In addition, the BBQ garden area with open space, and a convenient table and chair system will be a stopover to rest and have a snack while visiting the project.

z3144735978147_7f32d7ebf9bd44fc53c60f9ddb44dac6Lantern street attracts local people to visit and becomes a check-in destination during the Lunar New Year.

On the occasion of the New Year 2022, there are also exchange activities such as Quan Ho Folk Song singing on the lake, the open AMDI Group human chess tournament, football matches, skateboard rental services, etc. at AMDI Green City to serve the residents as well as the local people.