Project "Strengthening local knowledge in climate change adaptation" funded by Bread for the World - with a total budget of EUR 164,000
Project information

1. Time : June 2018 - March 2020

 2. Location: Thuong Bang La Commune, Van Chan District, Yen Bai Province

3. Objectives : 1. Sustainable citrus fruit growing model is applied in the community in Thuong Bang La commune; 2. Average income from citrus fruit farms increased.

4. Main activities : AMDI provides technical support including the following specific tasks:

For goal 1:

                         i. Organize a workshop to introduce the project's purpose, objectives, results, approach, work plan, budget, roles and responsibilities, and M&E activities;

                         ii. Conducted KAP (Knowledge-Attitudes-Practice) survey on about 400 citrus growing households to assess the above aspects of farmers to climate change, disaster risk reduction and sustainable farming citrus tree. A KAP report will be prepared to form the baseline for measuring farmer change at the end of the project.

                        iii. Conduct citrus market research focusing on reviewing the current state of citrus production and consumption to identify opportunities to improve production and revenue. AMDI will carry out this activity with the participation of local authorities, extension offices and selected farmers;

                        iv. Conduct a CVCA (climate vulnerability and adaptability) assessment to identify vulnerabilities and measures to protect livelihoods and communities against climate change; and provide response options at the household level. The assessment will be driven by AMDI with the participation of 400 farmers through information and discussion;

                         v. Organize a series of training courses to provide a climate change panorama, focusing on the impact on citrus production. The training courses are designed to (i) report on key findings from the KAP and CVCA surveys and (ii) explain the importance of both farmers and technical measures. After the training courses, participants including farmers and local authorities will be aware of the project progress, the expected local impacts and understand the basic concepts of climate change;

                        Because. Organize training courses to (i) identify vulnerabilities and prioritized risks from the perspective of farmers and proposed technical measures, and (ii) enumerate potential opportunities for countermeasures for citrus farming using indigenous knowledge and techniques;

                       vii. Organize workshops focused on climate change response plans at the grassroots level for citrus production.

              For Objective 2:

                      viii. Implement experimental adaptation measures, including but not limited to the introduction of highly resistant citrus crops (such as passionfruit), buffer crops, efficient use of fish fertilizers and soil management on sloping hills. 10 farmer groups, about 100 households, will be formed and supported by technical experts to apply sustainable farming techniques to climate change adaptation on citrus. The costs for seeds, probiotics and lawn mowers on steep hills will be split 70/30 between the project and beneficiaries.

                        ix. Develop business plans for citrus production with consideration of the role of traders and their trading strategies. The project also looks for opportunities to strengthen the bargaining power of farmers through the establishment of a cooperative group based on 10 farmer groups, as well as considering the development of a new copyright brand “Cambodia”. Van Chan".

5. Implementation unit : AMDI & DWC

6. Beneficiaries : People and local authorities in Thuong Bang La Commune, Van Chan District, Yen Bai Province

7. Sponsor : Bread for the World

8. Budget : 164,000 EUR (Total Project Value)