Project of Human Resource Training Center AMDI
Project information

The project of AMDI Human Resource Training Center was built in Xuan Phuong ward; Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi is invested by AMDI Group. 


Project perspective

This is the first time that a large-scale project investing in the field of high-quality human resource training has been built in Vietnam. The project was built with a total investment of over VND 500 billion, on an area of ​​2.2 hectares with many work items designed in a modern style, investing in equipment and synchronous infrastructure, meeting the needs of customers. research and learning needs for management officials and experts.


When in operation, the Center for Human Resource Management Training will be the place to conduct training and research activities on management science, and provide high-quality management human resources through joint activities. training with famous universities and training institutions in the world to meet the needs of agencies and businesses nationwide.

Some details about the project

1. Project name: Management Human Resource Training Center – Asian Institute of Management and Development.

2. Investor: AMDI GROUP

3. Investment location: No. 01 Trinh Van Bo, Phuong Canh Ward, Quan Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.

4. Investment objective:

The Management Human Resource Training Center located in Phuong Canh Ward, Quan Nam Tu Liem will be the place to conduct training activities, research on management science, and provide quality management human resources. through joint training activities with famous universities and training institutions in the world to meet the needs of agencies and businesses nationwide with the following objectives:

  • Developing management profession and management science in Vietnam
  • Research policy on business development, support in Vietnam;
  • Research and apply modern management technology in Vietnamese agencies and organizations;
  • Receiving and transferring modern management technology to Vietnamese agencies and organizations;
  • Create a forum to share management experiences among agencies and businesses;
  • Training and providing high quality human resources, which focuses on training management knowledge and skills;
  • Acting as a bridge between enterprises, employers and employees; conduct training in skills and knowledge according to the specific requirements of each agency and enterprise;
  • Carrying out consulting activities, supporting organizations and enterprises to build organizational models and operating mechanisms according to modern management methods.


5. Scale of construction investment:

  • Land area under project scope: 22,209 m2
  • Land area for construction work: 7,640 m2
  • Area of ​​land for construction of technical infrastructure outside the house: 12,360 m2
  • Floor area: 63,540 m2.
  • Building density: 38.2%
  • Average floor height: 8.3
  • Serving capacity: 2,000 students/year

6. Construction plan (basic design):

  • The master plan of the project includes the following blocks:
  • 19-storey high school-library block
  • The building block - the building is 19 floors high
  • 7 floors high school block
  • The block of practical learning - laboratory is 7 floors high
  • Multi-purpose building block - 2-storey high hall
  • Dormitory block is 8 floors high
  • Internal road yard system, flower garden pots, fence gates and other external infrastructure auxiliary parts.

The functional blocks such as the classroom, practice, experiment, studio, multi-purpose house are designed centrally in the west of the land, the dormitory housing areas for students, teachers, and housing. Services for experts are planned to be concentrated in the East of the land. Between the two functional areas is a green space axis that plays the role of connecting the blocks to form a complete whole as well as creating a separate nuance for the landscape architecture of the Center.


The school blocks are mainly arranged in the East-West direction, the classrooms get light from the North-South direction. The 19-storey high school block is arranged on the 50m wide planned road surface as a highlight for major roads and intersection corners, the 7-storey high school block is arranged deep in the land adjacent to the vacant land to the west. North. The learning blocks are designed to be continuous, closed by the corridor-toilet system and form a large centralized yard to serve the living needs of students.


Around the garden, green lawns are arranged in combination with miniatures and outdoor sculptures to create a beautiful and attractive scene and help students relax, increase learning efficiency, and the garden is designed with cheerful colors. , vividly suitable for the psychology of students, the color of the tiles does not cause glare and heat radiation into the space.