New research project in the field of Health - funded by the Global Challenging Research Fund, UK with a total budget of 444.748 USD
Project information

Time: 1/7/2020 - 1/7/2022

Industry: Medical, Research

Sponsor: Global Challenge Research Foundation, UK

The purpose of this project is to develop drugs to treat liver cancer (a serious health problem in Vietnam) using natural products for intensive research and industrial production. in Viet Nam. The objectives of the research project include:

(1) Improvement and enhancement of the extraction and purification process of large quantities of madecassic acid and its derivatives from Centella asiatica (;
(2) Determination of the cellular target of madecassic acid by biochemical methods for application in drug development;
(3) Develop a strategy to synthesize a library of madecassic acid derivatives and test their effects on cells to guide the selection of a guide drug;
(4) Development of precursor polymers to target and release madecassic acid derivatives;
(5) Improving the yield and content of C. asiatica grown in agriculture in Thua Thien Hue province;
(6) Establishing a network of scientists, clinicians and industrialists in Vietnam and the UK to advance to clinical trials through sociological studies to assess public attitudes with the drug extracted from the active ingredient C. Asiatica.

In terms of long-term goals, the research aims to find a drug to treat liver cancer for Vietnamese people. In terms of immediate benefits, farmers in Thua Thien Hue, one of the poorest regions in Vietnam, can benefit from the production of products with C. Asiatica extracts.

During the implementation of the research contract, AMDI will be responsible for contract management and coordination of research activities in Vietnam and implementation of social research activities. This is the second collaboration between AMDI and the University of Kent and the first between AMDI and the Institute of Chemistry, Vietnam Academy of Sciences, demonstrating a close partnership and potential for the future. between the three organizations.