Consulting project, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) project on Repairing and Improving Dam Safety - by the World Bank (WB) with a total budget of 1,300,000 USD
Project information

Time:  May 2018 – November 2022

Location:  Vietnam

Objective:  Build a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for the project to provide timely information on project implementation progress and feedback into the system to solve potential problems, effectively use resources to achieve the development goals of the project.

Main activities:

- Collect baseline data for all Result Box indicators and other indicators identified as relevant;

- Establish an M&E system for the project based on the Project Monitoring and Results Framework presented in the Project Appraisal Document (PAD);

- Implementation and operation of the M&E system;

- Building capacity on M&E at different levels.

Implementation unit:  AMDI & INCLAM SS (Spain) & APAVE

Beneficiary:  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Central Management Board of Irrigation Projects – CPO)

Sponsor:  World Bank (WB)

Budget:  ~1,300,000 USD (Total package budget)