Consulting on implementation of a project to enhance competition through sustainable tourism in Vietnam funded by the Swiss Economic Cooperation Department - SECO with a total budget of CHF 3,700,000
Project information

1.        Time : May 2018 – May 2022

2.        Location : Vietnam

3.        Objective : To strengthen the competitive position in the tourism industry by promoting good practices in sustainable tourism and implementing a high-quality tourism education program.

4.        Main activities :

(i) At the micro level, supporting tourism businesses and business support organizations to enhance their competitiveness and operational productivity through the development of tourism products applying the principles of lasting;

(ii) At the medium level, the project strengthens the national human resource capacity by developing skills through training in sustainable tourism and providing an education and training program for hotel service operators.

(iii) At the macro level, the project supports the integration of sustainable tourism practices in key policy and planning frameworks, which create the conditions to create a strong enough environment for a sustainable and competitive tourism industry. painting.

(iv) Through national and international partners, support is targeted at small and medium-sized tourism businesses, which are committed to adhering to sustainable tourism principles while working with organizations, associations and state agencies to provide direction and create conditions for the tourism industry in Vietnam to be more competitive

5.        Implementation unit : AMDI & GFA (Germany)

6.        Beneficiary : Vietnam tourism industry

7.        Sponsor : Swiss Department of Economic Cooperation - SECO

8.        Budget : 3,700,000 CHF (Total value of package)